A Very Bhabhagiving…as usual

As I’ve said in the past, it never ceases to amaze me that the one holiday that my European-Indian-Jewish-Parsi-Non-American-Born family hosts at my parents house is Thanksgiving. Since our arrival in the U.S. in 1994, we’ve prided ourselves on having the ultimate turkey feast, all starting with the November 1994 edition of Bon Appetit magazine. More here.

This year was no exception, as we all bounded into Cambridge, MA–a bigger group than usual–ready to spend 48 hours cooking, then eating, then comatose.

I began my cookery on Tuesday, preparing the dough for gingerbread, which I then turned into little edible men for table place cards.

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Reminiscing before the big day (Part 1)

DSC_0059The Big Day being, of course, Thanksgiving. Since our first Thanksgiving in 1994, my family holds the holiday nearest and dearest as a celebration of precious togetherness and, of course, food. Our first Thanksgiving was in Chicago, and was an unexpected event, as my previously London-based parents assumed we’d spend the third Thursday of November the same as, well, the third Thursday of any other month. The extended weekend was just an added bonus. My brother returned home from his seventh grade class adamant that Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings, would be celebrated in the Bhabha household. My father, a splendid cook and avid grocery enthusiast, quickly went to Whole Foods (not that he needed much encouragement) and returned with the latest Bon Appetit magazine and the necessary ingredients for many of the issue’s recipes.


Where it all began…

Since then, Thanksgiving has become our non-negotiable, number 1 holiday and each year sees us incorporate new dishes and flavors into the meal, while retaining many of the  usual suspects from the original magazine (last year an attempt at being creative involved jalapeño-infused stuffing, an err in judgement that I made sure will never again occur.) Each year, I go through photographs and recipes from the previous years, and thought I’d share some of these with all of you!

Thanksgiving 2010                                                                                                     Many sweets seem to have been prepared for Thanksgiving 2010, or perhaps that’s just what I chose to photograph:
Chocolate CupcakesDSC_0076Half Moon Cookies (from my Great Grandmother’s recipe book)DSC_0005 DSC_0040BiscuitsDSC_0061Key Lime Pie (with fresh key limes from my brother’s sunny California home!)DSC_0055Sage-infused, sugar-coated cranberries for a refreshing, fruity snack throughout the dayDSC_0077Then, of course, some savories:

A carrot, mozzarella tomato and kale stack DSC_0085Pommes soufflésDSC_0094The bird pre-roasting stuffed with herbs, herbed butter and topped, of course, with bacon…DSC_0013

A Fall-inspired SaladDSC_0089Dinner time with all the fixins (the photo leaves something to be desired, but you get the jist: cran sauce, mash, stuffin, gravy etc_DSC_00992 DAYS AND COUNTING!