A First Timer’s Pasta Night

Some pretty exciting things have happened to those closest to me, so I wanted to celebrate by using our brand-new hand crank pasta maker. Embarrassingly enough, this was my first time making pasta, and after one egg-yolk eggsplosion (apparently when you make a well in the flour, it’s got to go deep), it was actually relatively smooth sailing. As per the Frankie’s Spuntino book, I kneaded the dough for 8 minutes straight (whew!), then let it rest before rolling it out.

We cranked and cranked, and produced some pretty decent (albeit very thin) noodles. After some time unfurling the noodles, I whipped them up with a favorite River Café recipe of peas, prosciutto and lots of butter and Parmesan. Now, to resist the urge for homemade pasta every weeknight.