Tears & Tomato Sauce

Two days ago, on September 29th, Marcella Hazan died at age 89, after years of influencing the culinary community through her incredible Italian cookbooks. I grew up around these books especially this volume, which remains in my parents kitchen today, ripe with helpful tips and authentic (and completely fantastic) Italian recipes: Hazan-Marcella-Cucina-BAR500

Before I’d even heard the news, I was planning to prepare her basic 4-ingredient tomato sauce for some pizzas we made last night (more on this later.) The sauce is probably her most prized recipe (or at least most popular), and one of the best hidden secrets and easiest recipes out there. My favorite part of this recipe is crushing the tomatoes with my hands–a totally awesome tactile experience. Having something bubbling on the stove and emitting the most incredible smells couldn’t be more therapeutic. The sauce is delicious on pasta, pizza, and pretty much anything else you might imagine (try cooking eggs in it for an Italian-y version of Shakshuka.) As you an see from the photos, I made a bit extra! Continue reading