Lunch at Momofuku CCDC

As a longtime East Village resident, I’m no stranger to David Chang’s Momofuku empire. I’ve had rotisserie duck lunches at Ssam bar many a time, ramen at noodle bar, LOTS of corn cookies at Milk Bar and drinks at Booker & Dax and Ma Pêche. In my DC hiatus, I haven’t visited newly minted Fuku and Nishi, but I did get to try David Chang’s new Momofuku empire here in Washington.

The shrimp Louie is a must get (we actually ordered two).The thin slices of jalapeño cut through the richness of the Russian dressing. 

I’d only had the Momofuku pork buns before, but the mushroom version certainly delivered a lovely hit of umami. 

We also ordered the shrimp buns–a thick patty coated with a spicy-creamy sauce in their fluffy buns. I actually preferred the mushroom, strangely enough, but the shrimp was terrific as well.

The chilled spicy noodles were studded with Szechuan sausage and crunchy candied cashews. I found them a tad over-oily, but the noodles were springy and satisfying nonetheless.

A repeat visit will be necessary, for sure, before I move back to the home of the Momo empire!

Momofuku CCDC
1090 I Street
Washington, DC 20001

Pineapple DC at the Capital Area Food Bank

IMG_9692Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks (new nephew, working hard, family in town…), but I wanted to share a very lovely experience I had last week. Since arriving in DC, I’ve been thrilled to meet a fabulously inclusive and innovative group of people in various parts of the food industry–particularly women. Through a chance meeting, I got involved with Pineapple DC, an organization of Washington-based women within many aspects of the food world.

IMG_9695 IMG_9693Last week, we were lucky to visit the Capital Area Food Bank in Northeast DC. In addition to admiring their magnificent veggie garden (and enjoying snacks and Cava in it afterwards), we toured the facility and even helped pack up a few boxes of pantry goods.

Hearing about the struggle between wanting to end hunger but also being proud of the number of people fed really resonated with me, as did the desire to have shelf-stable goods while providing healthy food options for those in need.

Without further ado, some (sub-par iPhone) photos of this delightful evening spent chatting and exploring.IMG_9697

2 Amy’s

If you’re any self (and stomach) respecting DC resident, chances are you’ve already been to 2 Amy’s pizza in Cathedral Heights. I, as a new DC resident, had not been yet, and a balmy May evening after a long day of work seemed like the ideal opportunity. We sat outside, ordered a tumbler of wine each, and feasted.

I was dying to try the clam pizza, but sadly there were no more clams to be had. So, of course, I went for the mini-meatball adorned “Abruzzese” pie, and we ordered the “Puttanesca” as well, an appropriately piquant creation with broccoli rabe, anchovy, hot peppers, and small melting mounds of fresh mozzarella.

There is good pizza in DC! (Said like a total douchey ex-New Yorker) And at 2 Amy’s, it’s been recognized as DOC status, aka, the Neapolitans consider these pies real legit.

2 Amy’s Pizzeria
3715 Macomb St NW
(202) 885-5700

*excuse the highly sub par iPhone photos, although I think they still show how absolutely scrumptious the pies were.