On the Go Like Whoa

It’s been a busy Spring thus far, gearing up for an even more frantic summer (moving to NYC, weddings abound, and lots of travel!), and family trips and obligations have had me constantly on the go.

A few weeks ago, my family did back to back trips to Park City, Utah and Houston, TX, where we unsurprisingly engaged in epic amounts of eating and drinking. Here, two picks for each locale:

Park City, Utah

Purple Sage 
Adhering to the schedule of a 9 month old–albeit the most delightful baby on the planet–, can present problems dining out. Luckily, Purple Sage, located near our rental house offered gourmet comfort food (think veal meatloaf and terrific parmesan-poblano grits)–all available to go. Delightful, delicious, and located right on bustling main street.

*image courtesy of Purple Sage

High West Distillery and Saloon 
In addition to their terrific whiskeys and my personal fave, the pre-batched Boulevardier (all made on-site), High West is also a great place to visit, and even stop for a meal. We came in during the bustling lunch rush, and enjoyed delightful cocktails and tasty noontime fare.Exterior Still 4 LR

*image courtesy of High West

Houston, TX
A quick note: I’m fully aware of how exciting the Houston dining scene is, but sadly because of a packed schedule and one day feeling under the weather, my food intake was shockingly down. Therefore, I’m just mentioning two of the places I particularly loved. I’ll be back to Houston, no doubt about that.

Common Bond Café and Bakery
Common Bond is one of those magical baked goods-scented, light and airy places that you want to stay all damn day. After an early flight into Houston, we popped in for some very fluffy croissants and coffee. It’s effortlessly chic, has glorious pastries, housemade breads, and savory goods, and really proves the maxim “everything’s bigger in Texas”–a coffee shop of this size in New York? Don’t think so.

*image courtesy of Yelp

Jackson Street BBQ
It’s a crime to visit Texas without enjoying some barbecue, and the fare at Jackson Street didn’t disappoint. Although it opened recently, in the summer of 2015, Jackson St clearly comes from a long tradition. The collards, potato salad, and sausage were my favorites, and the ribs were supremely juicy and smoky. That fried thing on the left of my plate? Fried mac & cheese, of course!