Is Cake Healthy For Your Body?

Some people may assume cake to be junk food since it contains no benefits to people’s health. But the truth is that cake is not junk food since it is healthy to your body if you eat it in the right way with the right amount. So let’s read the article below to know why cake is healthy for your body

Cake is healthy or not

The harmful effects of eating cakes

Put you on weight

Most cakes are sweet because they contain a very high content of carbohydrates and fats. Those macronutrients will make you gain weight in a very short time especially when you eat cakes regularly.

Raise your blood cholesterol levels

The margarine or butter which is the necessary ingredient for almost all cakes is the key factor leading to high blood cholesterol levels. And if you keep eating more cakes, you may be in risk of heart attack, stroke, and peripheral artery disease.

Cause digestion related problems

To make cakes to more attractive, some bakers have used artificial colors to dye cakes. Those colors have terrible effects to your health especially when you consume a large amount of them. Moreover, they may also cause allergy.

Here are some proven harmful effects cakes may bring to our health. However, you will only suffer these damages if you eat cakes with unhealthy ingredients for a long time. Or we can say that, if you eat healthy cakes in the right way, you can improve your health.

Advantages that eating healthy cakes may bring

Eating cake provides you energy

As mentioned above, cakes usually contain a lot of carbohydrates and fats which are the major sources of energy. You can say that eating a cake can provide the energy for the entire body including muscles, brain and nervous system. That’s why when people are tired or exhausted, they usually eat something sweet like a cake to provide more energy to their body immediately.

Eating cakes strengthens your body

Besides a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, cakes also contain a quality amount of protein from milk and eggs. And we know that, protein is an extremely essential component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals,… So when you consume more protein from cakes, your body will become stronger. Additionally, the fruits and nuts such as almond, cashew nuts, etc serve the body with a good quantity of vitamins, and thereby strengthen the immune system.

Cakes will make you happier

Have you noticed that when people are sad, they usually eat something sweet like a cake? Why have they done that? The reason is that eating cakes makes them happier. Cakes which contain a naturally high percentage of carbohydrates help the brain and body produce chemicals (such as serotonin). Those chemicals are the important contributors to overall emotional well-being. Therefore when you feel sad, let’s enjoy eating a cake and you will feel much better.

Cakes can be full of good nutrients

If you think cakes are unhealthy let’s rethink when checking the ingredients in cakes. Some cakes contain fruits like berries, oranges,… which are rich source in fiber. These food helps you to have a better digestive system. Moreover, the dark chocolate in some cakes is a powerful antioxidant – the factor that mains your youth.

From those information above, we can conclude that whether cake is healthy or harmful to your body based on the way you them. That’s why you should know a few right ways to eat cakes in order to benefit yourself.

Calculate the cakes the cakes you eat

Eating a few cakes a week may bring you a host of health benefits. But eating many cakes a day will soon cause a lot of problems such as obesity, high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes… Hence, you should limit the cakes you eat and calculate the carbohydrates, fats,… that you consume.

Practice exercise

When you practice exercise often, you will transfer the intake carbohydrates and fats effectively. So you don’t have to worry about eating cakes will make you gain more weight.
In conclusion, basically, cakes are healthy to our health. It’s our wrong way of eating turn them to be harmful. So let’s learn how to eat cake rightly and let them bring more happiness to your life.