Funnies and Food Forever

Since I grew up watching cooking shows, and still firmly believe there should be a channel only devoted to episodes of The Barefoot Contessa, it’s not a surprise that I’m a huge fan of cooking webseries, namely these two: Meals with Mary and The Katering Show. Both are hilarious in a delightfully inappropriate way, and one is produced and directed by my exceedingly talented brother… Watch these NOW and your Monday will suck less!

Brunch City!

parisAs we’re all preparing for Sunday brunch, I came across this wonderful project by two artists: Brunch City They examine popular brunches in cities all over the world and then create models of them with tiny renderings of the city in or around the food. Check it out:

Marrakech & Mint Tea:morocoo_custom-69c86b01cf19dfc5ca65f2a58352accaf91a49be-s800-c85


Churros in Madrid:madrid_custom-7971a2af59874a3b174f9d7246975d870a76749b-s800-c85*Images courtesy of the artists: Andrea G. Portoles and Bea Crespo


Big Night–why haven’t you re-watched it?


I’ve been waiting years, and yes, I mean years, for Big Night to come out on Netflix Instant Queue. This 1996 drama, set in the 1950s, features two Italian brothers, Segundo and Primo  played by Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub (yes, MONK!), trying to make their restaurant succeed in a coastal New Jersey town. The food porn is unbelievably enticing, from Stanley Tucci (a known gourmand and cookbook-author) mincing garlic and preparing a memorable omelette, to Tony Shalhoub unmolding a magnificent “Timpano” (a baked pasta concoction filled with homemade penne, marinara sauce, eggs, and meatballs.) I now want to make this recipe quite badly, and found it in Food52!


Since my last viewing, probably at age 8, I now noticed the incredible filmography and cast, which includes Alyson Janney, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rosselini, and Marc Anthony (!!! — he features throughout the movie and has barely two lines.)

Big Night skillfully captures the unbridled mirth that only an incredible dinner party can provide.

*photos courtesy of, and Times Union Blog respectively

gbhmulti2how-to-make-courtesan-au-chocolat-03132014-114545Last night, I had the sincere pleasure of seeing Wes Anderson’s newest film

“The Grand Budapest Hotel

Everything, from the gorgeous tableaux in every shot, to the standout performances by, well, everyone was magnificent. As usual, Anderson’s aesthetic was completely spot on, especially in the case of the everpresent Mendl’s bakery, where the girl loved by Zero, the protagonist, works as a baker. If you haven’t seen the film, I won’t spoil it for you, but will leave you with this lovely video extra:

 of how to prepare a “Courtesan au Chocolat”,the pastry for which Mendl’s is famous.
*photos courtesy of