Some Wine, Some Cheese

DSC_0062In case earlier posts haven’t made it clear, I love to entertain. Bringing together old and new friends for food, drink and TLC Waterfalls Sing-alongs (only sometimes, I promise) is one of my favorite activities. Although I run around like a lunatic before the party, preparations are a different kind of fun. I obsessively make shopping lists, lose said shopping lists and then re-make them, and go from grocery store to grocery store because of course everywhere has run out of thyme on the one day I need it. I come from the school of thought where entertaining translates to excess, so abundance is always an important factor in any Pickle Party.

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A Spring Pickle Playlist

Here are a few tunes I’ve been listening to of late. As you can see, a fairly eclectic mix including some old school Hip Hop/R&B, Classic Rock, Reggae…Wild Belle is really doing it for me at the moment, and anything by TLC always deserves a spot in the list.

Enjoy with some dancing and maybe a cocktail.