About Me

nycldnparis_0516-copyWelcome to One Hungry Pickle! I’m Leah, a writer and photographer living in Washington, DC after three years in New York. Growing up in a family of gourmands surrounded by food magazines, cookbooks and my dad’s fantastically eclectic cooking, it’s not a surprise that I write largely about food. Here at One Hungry Pickle, you’ll discover my culinary adventures, both in and out of the kitchen, whether it’s deviling eggs for an outdoor Easter-themed party, eating arepas at roadside shacks in Colombia, or attending a grilled cheese competition. Why One Hungry Pickle, you ask? During college, my obsession with the vinegary, crunchy snack intensified, so much so that my friends began referring to me simply as “pickle.” While I don’t introduce myself by that name, the sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and often spicy nature of the pickle has stuck with me.


All photographs are my own, unless otherwise noted, and please ask me before using them (with credits, please!)

*Photo of me by Nicole Anderson

Also, if so inclined, follow me on instagram @onehungrypickle and twitter @bhabhapickle (my tweets are sporadic and my ‘grams are constant)

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Leah – We’re hosting a summer bourbon social on Aug 7th, and you’re cordially invited! I’m a co-founder of The Bourbon Review, and we’re celebrating our 5th year of publishing by throwing a party at The Flatiron Room.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thanks so much for the invite! I’d absolutely love to attend but am helping out with events all of next week. Please keep me posted on any other events that you have, I’d love to come!


  3. Hi Leah,
    I would like to send you info on my wonderful oils, Karoo Blend cold press extra virgin olive oil and Avocado Oil Works Original and Lemon Infused Avo Oil.
    Great taste, look fab and healthy too!
    Please send me your email details

    David Atkin

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