Lunch can be easy and weird. But also tasty.

Since I’m trying to save money this year, which is not a habit I am entirely familiar with [likely because a) I have no impulse control and b) I don’t make enough], I’ve been having lunch at home. With my ahem flexible schedule, I’m able to cook lunch chez moi. This also runs the risk of me not seeing anyone all day, but there you have it. Concessions for saving that cash flow.

Usually my lunches consist of chopped romaine and a mass of random items found in my refrigerator. Take a gander at a recent lunch:

Not half bad, right? Romaine, cukes, pomegranates, some seasoned cashews, hummus , tofu, and a little pita.

Salty Sweet Gas Station Treats

Driving between New York and Washington, D.C. last week, I found myself in a number of gas stations along the Eastern seaboard. I always enjoy perusing the selections, and usually pick up a bag of pizzeria-pretzel Combos (and a scratch ticket) for my troubles.

This trip, I noticed a theme in many of the roadside snacks: highly questionable sweet and salty flavor combinations. Behold, some of the weirder items I encountered, simultaneously horrified and intrigued: IMG_2550 Continue reading