Colombia…whew it’s been a whiiiile

Okay, so I know it’s been absolutely ages, and trust me, I feel even worse about it than you do. Life has been…insane, with work, a new book project I’m very excited about (psst Lebanese psst), having a little nephew come into my life, and just the insanity of things. Well, I’m back on the wagon and wanted to share some tastiness from my recent trip to Colombia.

When one thinks of Latin American cuisine, Colombia is not often the first country whose gastronomy comes to mind. Salvadorian pupusas and Peruvian ceviche, perhaps, but not usually the cuisine of Colombia. However, on a recent trip, I encountered a terrific array of dishes.Full disclosure, my trip to Colombia wasn’t purely touristic—my sister-in-law hails from Medellín, and we were visiting for the auspicious occasion of my nephew’s baptism.

Prior to the trip, I anxiously awaited a full week of un-adulterated (and often deep fried) comida Colombiana. Needless to say, I got what I was looking for. Without further ado, some of my favorite tastes from the trip (oddly, many were breakfast dishes which is almost never the meal I like best):

Half-moon shaped “pan de yucca”: delicately crisp breads encasing velvety bread stuffed ever-so-slightly with cheese.

And more pan de yucca, because there really aren’t ever enough

Transcendental, piquant mini chorizos

Silky spiced beans

mindbendingly delicious corn arepas stuffed with fried eggs were a real revelation, sweet and slightly charred with the creamy yolk hiding withinIMG_0602

Tiny magnificient little marzipan angels and babies on my nephew’s honor

Salt baked shrimp

Cheese filled artichokes (yes.)

(very) locally made cow’s milk cheese

More stunning bread because…bread:And now, just some gratuitous photos of this magnificent country.