Bites in the Hood

New York’s East Village, where I live, is an ever-spouting culinary fountain, providing me with next-level cuisine at seemingly every corner. While I often aim to leave the neighborhood, I frequently find myself sticking to the region, and enjoying some particularly delicious bites. These three tantalizing tastes have a few things in common: they can all be found within a 5 block radius of my house, and they all fly under the radar on the menu but thrill upon consumption.

1. Corn at Miss Lily’s 7A:

Toasted coconut and jerk mayo slathered on corn on the cob? For some reason I didn’t anticipate the taste insanity that was about to ensue in my mouth at my go-to Jamaican spot. This is one of the best things I’ve tried in a very long while, and thank god the servers insisted I order it. Sweet but pungent and super-creamy with a hit of spice at the end, this corn is the one to beat.

2. Carrot Chorizo Flatbread at The Redhead:

While I believe they’ve changed this offering to a different seasonal flatbread, I still have to shoutout to the flatbread I sampled some weeks back at Redhead, a Southern-inspired local joint. The spicy, umami chorizo and the sweet carrot worked so well together that I can only hope that this’ll return to the menu ASAP!
3. Middle Eastern Egg Sandwich at Bite:
I’ve rhapsodized about this sandwich many times before, but whenever I want a super cheap (think $4), delicious and filling egg sandwich that won’t leave me feeling worse than I did when I ordered it, I always hit up bite. Hummus, spicy sauce, chopped Israeli salad and omelette-style eggs all wrapped up in a pita–it hits the spot.