Adventuring in Astoria

DSC_0046The other day, I was feeling ripe for an adventure. The dreary New York elements were getting to me, and I was starting to anthropomorphize my laptop– a sign that I needed a break from key-tapping. I recruited my close childhood friend (and local rap star) Trevor, for a much-needed out of borough escapade. He had been talking my ear off for months about Astoria’s famed temple to Greek cuisine Taverna Kyclades and although they recently opened an outpost in the East Village, we ventured to Queens for a taste of the original.

Even on a weekday, the spot was packed:DSC_0043 so we decamped to a bar/restaurant next door for a quick beer. They turned out to have one of my favorites:DSC_0036

I’m a sucker for Horiatiki (Greek salad), and the large slab of fresh feta scattered with herb morsels made this one particularly tasty. DSC_0044We also ordered some fried eggplant and zucchini with garlic dip which was rather heavy to say the least…DSC_0047

The out and out winner, though, was the grilled octopus–perfectly succulent and charred. DSC_0049

Feeling thoroughly gluttonous, we decided to inject some culture into our day by way of PS1. After many hallways of yelling video art, I was still dreaming of the octopus…